Favorite Black and White People Pics

Some photographs just look so much better
in a higher contrasting black and white.

I’ve never developed my own film so I’m incredibly appreciative to have programs like photoshop and lightroom. I’m a bit of a spontaneous photographer, taking pictures when the mood strikes me. This means that I usually have to work with the available lighting and honestly never know how good something looks (or what I’ll do with it) until I see it blown up on a full computer screen.

I’ve also NEVER taken a photography lesson in my life, though I did a lot of reading, researching and plenty of practicing too.

I think real success is ALL about having faith in yourself. ~ ER

I was bold enough to declare myself a professional photographer long before I ever received my first payment … but that’s how I’ve begun a plethora of businesses over the years too – with vision, with boldness, with determination and without caring what anyone else might think about me for doing it.


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