Self Portraits Are Easier Than You Think

I did a group of these business inspired self portraits in less than 10 minutes sitting on the floor in my home.

The key ingredients are …

  • to use a plain background,
  • a sturdy tripod,
  • a remote shutter switch (mine cost about $30 on ebay)
  • and the best lighting you can find.

In the background is my glossy white dining table propped up on its side, in my left hand is the remote switch. I had only natural light coming in through the sun-room so I needed to increase my exposure to get a brighter look. Once I got the settings right, I snapped 137 shots and selected ONLY a dozen of the very best.

If I wanted to take more time I could have set up remote shooting directly from my laptop, but I really enjoy the surprise of downloading the pictures before I take the adventure of sifting through the results.

I’ve never taken a photography class in my life – but that has never stopped me being bold enough to shoot and test and refine my settings organically. I think it’s one of the best ways to learn anything. ~ ER

Higher exposure and a reflective white background enabled me to take a series of indoor shots in fairly ordinary lighting and still get some pretty good results.
MY FIRST TEST SHOT … Normal exposure in natural and fairly ordinary indoor lighting (and not a particularly flattering angle … lol). I knew I needed to crank the exposure up as high as it would go ( +2) to get the results I was after. Remote shutter switch in right hand only cost about $30 on ebay.

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