Hilltop Towns In Italy

I was fortunate to be asked to spend time in Italy with a friend who owned a fabulous villa in a quaint hilltop town called Montefalco. From there we hired a car and took day trips to see the many ancient villages strategically perched on top of the hills. While one of my all time favourite local towns was Bevagna, because of the diversity of structurally bold old buildings, the beautiful people and friendly atmosphere, I got some memorably fabulous pictures of Rome.

Home cooked food, lots of fine wine, elegant shops, casual street cafes and girls riding bikes with dresses and stilettos are some of the most vivid memories of Italy for me today.

Pictures here are of local Italian people, Vespas’, Italian traditional food, cats, dog, tomatoes, churches, people walking in the street, a wedding, flowers, gardens, nuns, priests, kids eating pizza, Italian architecture, Perugian chocolate, vines, pathways, columns, old roof tiles, ancient buildings, the Colosseum and so many more …

I only took my travel camera on this trip to lighten the weight while I was walking around, but now looking back, I’m so glad I took so many photos in Italy, no matter what camera I was using. Perhaps you’ll enjoy them too!


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