Self Portraits 2013

This has been a huge year for me! Went on a spontaneously inspired road trip in January. Published 5 books February to May. Both my parents passed away in the perfect timing (in their 90’s) in July and August. Started a new life: only doing things that MAKE ME HAPPY. Changed my lifestyle: to a […]

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When Wishes Were Granted

2013 has been a huge year for me … beginning with a fabulous spontaneously inspired road trip down the east coast of Australia with my gorgeous daughter visiting family and friends and going where ever the heck we felt like at the time. Krissi had three wishes before we left … to see a kangaroo a […]

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Aunty Kathleens 90th Birthday

This woman is an inspiration. So active, fit, friendly, funny and she bakes the most delicious cakes and biscuits. She loves to keep in touch with all her family as often as possible … it was lovely to catch up with her again while on a road trip down through N.S.W. and Victoria. It worked […]

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